In addition to the main services we provide, Redwing Environmental also offer the following associated services:

  • Pre-Sampling Advice and Assistance

Prior to emissions sampling being done and often when a plant or process is new, it may be necessary for sampling ports to be installed onto duct work. We can offer advice on correct sampling locations based on Environment Agency guidelines and help with port installation should you require.

  • Plant Commissioning Work, Optimisation and Efficiency Checks

During the plant commissioning phase, stack emissions data may be needed to ensure abatement plant will run efficiently and within proposed emissions limits once production begins. Over the years, Redwing Environmental have been on hand to provide valuable emissions monitoring data to a number of companies at the commissioning stage of their process. We will be happy to help if this service may be of assistance to your company.

Existing abatement plant can benefit from emissions monitoring in order to optimise performance and improve efficiency. Following our optimisation monitoring, it may be the case that a boiler or incinerator can be run at a lower temperature thus saving a business money in operational costs and lessening the impact in the environment.